Every year, Donnovan of New Heart Church puts on the "Heart of a Craftsman" summer camp, where at risk teens spend a week assembling a hot rod from scratch. The build for 2010 was this root beer coupe, and we donated and assembled this patina-style interior with some modern brightwork in the floor and trunk.
Bill wanted his '33 Ford Roadster to stand out from the crowd up north, so he brought it to us for a fresh set of eyes. Briar-Brown leather, flow through design, and one-off custom seat inserts won him Best in Show.
Carrol's '57 Bel Air
Duncan always wanted a '37 Chevy Sedan, and as he built his dream car, he vowed to put a stellar interior on the inside. A custom dash and bezel kit made in house, 3-D door panel design, and stainless steel trim inserts helped make his dream into a reality.
Mark has brought three cars through our shop over the last decade, and his journey with us started with this '32 Ford Roadster.